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Fully Automated!

Fully Automated is an open source tabletop roleplaying game set in a solarpunk future.

The game was created by a group of friends who started playing a home-brew cyberpunk game and began experimenting with letting a little light in. Eventually, they found the genre of solarpunk, realized there was a name for what they’d been playing, and decided that more people needed the tools to try it.

Dive into a wild, hard-science post-scarcity future and go on thrilling adventures across Los Angeles in the 2120s!​

If you’d like to join an upcoming game or contribute to the project, join our Discord server! Or contact us via our social media links below, or email us inquiries(at)fullyautomatedrpg.com.

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About The Game

What exactly is this?

Download everything you need to play Fully Automated!

Fully Automated takes place on and around Earth in the 2120s, in a high-tech post-capitalist society where work is optional and basic necessities are free. Find out how it works here.

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AE Marling, author of “Murder in the Tool Library”

Fully Automated’s game system is a custom one, but similar to the d20 systems most people are familiar with. Learn more here.

Characters are the heart of role playing. Fully Automated makes it easy to build unique characters with diverse skills and abilities to match their dispositions and backgrounds!

Fully Automated uses a custom system designed to make combat fast and tactics feel instinctive.

Why does a game that cherishes life have such good combat? It’s complicated.

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This game is free like speech and free like beer. Play it, remix it, and use it to create new games and stories.