About the Authors

Andrew R Gross

Andrew is the lead developer of Fully Automated. Andrew is a maker dad & casual hacker who lives in Oakland, CA. Andrew is an engineer and molecular biologist by training who works as a field engineer repairing lab equipment around the Bay Area.

Jack Gross

Jack is Andrew’s twin brother and long time creative partner. Jack is an aerospace engineer, tinkerer, and space nerd who loves sci-fi and roleplay.


Patrick Barry

CromlynGames: aka Patrick Barry: bridge engineer and green materials researcher, prone to enthusiasms.


Sean Bodley

Sean Bodley is an artist working in animation with a passion for solarpunk, plein air painting, and video games.

seanbodley.com and @seanbodley on Instagram

Luna Sjonger

Luna Sjonger is an undead Canadian accountant and college student, enthusiast of roleplaying games and science fiction.

Jacob Coffin

Jacob is a tech writer, woodworker, amateur electrician, and former apprentice blacksmith who pesters magazines with his science fiction and photobashes art and comics together. He has a passion for land conservation, reuse, and the world he lives on not dying.