All textual work is currently being shared under Creative Commons CC BY-SA 4.0: Anyone is free to share, remix, and commercialize it so long as they attribute the work and release it under this same license agreement.

AI Disclosure Statement

This project has used synthetic images in a limited capacity. Synthetic images were used for idea generation and as components within photo collages. Currently, the manual contains AI generated images as placeholders, which we are working to replace before release.

Large Language Model-based text generation was not used as a routine part of the composition of the text, however the use of these tools has not been prohibited among contributors to the project. All text was composed, reviewed, and edited on a line-by-line basis by humans to ensure that the result is a product built out of thoughtful, fully sapient intentionality.

The spirit of this project

This project is a passion project. It started with friends home brewing a cyberpunk game that was light on dystopia. After a few years, we discovered the rapidly growing genre of solarpunk. It was a breath of fresh air, creatively. And it was a balm, emotionally. In dark times, we found that playing a game that dared to actually imagine things getting better made it so much easier to believe in a future worth fighting for.

These drove the development considerations, especially licensing. Our first and greatest goal is to try to spur adoption, and nothing sells like free. Also, we’re aware that tastes vary. It’s clear that some people like solarpunk stories set in the gritty in-between when a better world is fighting to emerge from the dying one. Others like things cozy and rustic. Some prefer more rural settings. By making this game fully open source, it liberates anyone who wants to to spin off their own take on the concept.

Tech Raid by Jacob Coffin