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Getting Started

Interested in writing your own historical events? Or describing interesting organizations in the world? Sharing art or new stories?

If you’d like to contribute to the project, join the Discord server and start sharing ideas.

If you don’t like Discord, you can also email us at, message us on Mastodon at, or start posting questions, ideas, and art at our Lemmy community at

For information about how the project is managed, see below.

Project Development Guidelines

The formal developers of the Fully Automated RPG consist of (as of January 28, 2024):

Andrew R Gross; Jonathan R Gross; cromlyngames; Noire Leblanc; Sean Bodley; Jacob Coffin

Anyone is free to play or modify the game informally. Formal developers can include changes in the primary draft of the first edition or moderate the existing community tools within their judgement if agreed to by a majority of the formal developers. Developers are encouraged to invite a vote if they believe a change is likely to be contentious, but are otherwise encouraged to make changes as they see fit, with the understanding that a vote can be called to reverse those changes by any other developer.

Developers can be added or removed from the development team on the basis of a majority vote (not including the developer in question).