AI-Free Resources

This catalog includes links to Fully Automated documents which have absolutely zero contact with AI-generated synthetic imagery.

To review our AI philosophy: we emphatically reject the use of AI text and image generation for the purposes of undermining the quality of the creative process or the financial stability of artists and creative professionals. We also object to their enormous energy consumption and correlated greenhouse gas emissions and their widespread theft of creative labor without consent or compensation.

To review our AI policy, the standard documents contain no text that was generated with large language models. They also contain no images that were directly generated by synthetic image-generating AI programs. However there were three images that were photo collages that contained at least one element of the collage that was synthetically generated. Additionally, the majority of the character art was created using drawing aids (the technical term for tracing) and the majority of drawing aids were synthetic images. These were not generated by us, but used diverse assets found online in the same process widely accepted as original creation in the art world prior to the emergence of AI image generation. However, out of respect and love for those who would embrace a zero-acceptance approach towards the employment of any content which required any AI content generation, we’re supplying variant documents without character art or any images in which an AI image was used in the creative process. All feedback on this topic is gratefully appreciated.